Tiger Cub

The Tiger Cub cubicle is a bright, fun and safe system for children ranging from 3 to 12 years of

The cubicle partitions and doors are shaped to graduate in height according to age
category, matching the supervisory requirements of staff, to the privacy needs of the child.

Tiger Cub image

metro image



Overall Cubicle Height: 1950mm
Overall Cubicle Depth: 1530mm-1830mm
Floor Clearance: 150mm
Door Height Options: 1150-1350-1500mm above ffl
Doors: 20mm HPL postformed vertical edges
12mm CGL polished and radiused
Dividers: 20mm HPL
12mm CGL polished and radiused
Palisters: 30mm HPL double sided postformed
12mm CGL polished and radiused
Colours: Refer to the Kingfisher Washroom Collection Chart for laminate choice colours. Screen printing in HPL only.
Applications: Schools and nurseries.
Utility: Wet and dry room environments.

For fun and education we have four screen printing images which can be incorporated on our cubicle doors, service wall panels and vanity enclosure panels’.  For more information contact info@postformed.com